The Quirky Mixologist

A Delightful Range of Seasonal and Locally Grown Chutneys, Relishes and Preserves

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Lovely News

The Quirky Mixologist has created relishes and fruit preserves with unique flavour combinations which are DELICIOUS! Knowing that most of the ingredients are either home grown or foraged, and organic, makes them even better. My only complaint is that, once open, they don’t last long ... I eat them too quickly! Can’t wait to try the new batch of goodies!

Mo S

Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your delicious marmalades, particularly Traditional but Absolutely Fab, Be my Clementine- a lovely treat on these winter mornings! Can’t wait to sample more of your goodies.

Rosie B

I have tried several of your chutneys and jellies over the last few months and loved them all and now I can add your marmalade to my list of favourites , not only are they delicious,different and tasty but locally produced and seasonal. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to trying your next quirky creations.

Fran G

I received a carefully packaged very attractive gold box from The Quirky Mixologist. The box containd a fantastic selection of chutney and Marmalade. I tried two of the chutneys with a Balti curry on a pompadom. The Chills are Multiplying is a lovely sweet and hot jelly that was so unusual and went really well with the dish. The Fiery Tomato Relish was rich, very tasty and unique. I would definitely recommend the products and I am looking forward to trying the other items.

Dave J

Hello, Quirky Mixologist, may I just say how much my sister and I have enjoyed your Blackberry and Port jelly, it is delicious with meat..... we devoured an entire jar during the Christmas festivities. YUM and to add to that my boys loved your Vesuvius!! They love the heat and yes it definitely kept them happy . Thank you x

Vicki M

Oh my goodnes, I have never tasted something so fab. Your Vesuvius hits the spot ! Even more than expected. I asked for something REALLY hot and you gave it to me BIG TIME! Thank you

Philip C


Hi Jane, your cheeky spicy tomato chutney is BANGING!!! Thank you can't wait to get more.

Joe. Hampshire