The Quirky Mixologist

A Delightful Range of Seasonal and Locally Grown Chutneys, Relishes and Preserves

All About The Quirky Mixologist

Once Upon a Time!

Well, it all started with our present COVID experience. I had recently moved back to West Sussex and had taken on a small allottment enabling me to continue with my passion for growing my own fruit and vegetables. This has also enabled me to meet some amazing growers and like-minded folks.

For many years I have been a foodie, having had a catering and cake decorating business in the past. Always believing in making food from scratch with no additives. In the past I have concocted my own quirky range of chutneys and preserves. SO this year with a glut of vegetables and soft fruits, as well as a hedgerow full of delights.  Suddenly I had a lightbulb moment! I decided to give it a GO.

So low and behold : The Quirky Mixologist was born.

All of my chutneys, relishes and preserves are suitable for vegans, they contain only natural ingredients with no dairy or animal products.

Last farmers market, a young lady approached me and asked if I made any chutney without onions or members of the allium family. I enquired why? Hence, I have also developed a range of chutneys that are suitable for folks that are not tolerant to the allium family. I substitute onions with green spring onion tops and use olive oil infused with garlic. Also I am looking into using the Indian spice Asafoetida as well, which could then extend the range.

My products are seasonal as to what is growing at that time, or can be foraged or locally grown. Although, I hasten to add that Mangoes, Oranges and Citrus fruit as yet not been grown at the allotment, so there are a few acceptions to the above.

I do not have an online shop, due to my produce changing with the seasons.  If you wish to find out what is available, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to make up hampers, as a special gift for your loved ones or friends.


All of my products are labeled with all of the ingredients used, highlighting allergens in BOLD. However, The Quirky Mixologist always recommends that you check the ingredient list against your personal allergens.

A Bloody Mary Cocktail in a Bottle... a lovely ketchup that even Tom Cruise would love...made with all the ingredients of your cocktail.

The most sublime and rich sauce for your favourite dish.. Sumptuous Cherry and Brandy Sauce

Having Great Friends!

Luckily I have great friends willing to help me by volunteering  to visit local PYO farms,  collecting kilos of deliciously grown fruits and berries. Once home I put my thinking cap on and the cauldron out, conjuring up recipes for the ingredients that we have just picked. (I hasten to add payment for my pickers comes in jars of goodies).

I am also blessed to have great family and friends, that also support and encourage me to go forth and take my lovely products further. They know who they are and I am eternally grateful to them.

Back in 2020, myself and a friend went on a foraging course in the New Forest, learning about which funghi are safe to pick and eat. (  However, with more experience I am hoping to produce  some products from more foraging expeditions. 

Not to be eaten....